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Small Town Hospitality, Big Town Basketball

These tournaments are for both boys and girls in grades 5-8. Whether you're from Central Oregon, the Willamette Valley, the Oregon Coast, Washington, Idaho, California or any another state, this tournament cannot be missed. Each team is guaranteed 4 games, and the local backdrop features weekend events, great sponsors, and an amazing environment in beautiful Sisters, OR. The weekend promises to deliver great ball and great times for family and friends. Costs will be $350 per team. This is more than an average basketball tournament- this is an incredible experience for all families and teams.


  • Four game guarantee - two on Saturday and two on Sunday.
  • Divisions for 5th-8th grade boys and girls (teams will all play at a competitive level).
  • ​If a team is comprised of students in multiple grade levels, that team must play at in the grade of the player in the highest grade level. Teams and players can play up a division, but cannot play down. 
  • Brackets and game times will be accessible the Tuesday before the tournament. You can either call or email Sisters Park & Recreation District for the appropriate information 541-549-2091.
  • Your team will not be scheduled in the tournament bracket until your registration form and fee have been received.
  • There will be no refunds without a 30-day written notice.  Prorated tournament fees may be made available if adverse weather conditions close roads or if other extenuating factors arise that reduce attendance affecting game guarantee.
  • All officials will be trained OSAA officials.
  • ​See registration fee information here.


Print off Waiver forms; one form must be submitted for every player.
(Waiver must be signed by a consenting adult, all waivers must be turned in prior to the first game of the tournament, NO EXCEPTIONS.)
Day of the tournament; Please check into the registration table 1 hour prior to your first games.

Tournament Information

  1. Games will begin at 8:00AM on Saturday, and 8:00AM on Sunday.
  2. Admissions: Daily admissions at the gate are $10 day pass for 12 and above, $5 for children 5-11, $15 single weekend pass and $30 family weekend pass (max of 5). Children 4 and under are free. Two coaches per team and all players are free.  
  3. T-shirts & sweatshirts will be available for purchase all weekend.
  4. The Sisters Shootout Series will provide scorekeepers for the book and clock. These scorekeepers are mainly high school athletes working to raise funds for their activities. You are welcome to have a bookkeeper sit with you on your bench, not at the official scorer's table. If there is a discrepancy then ask the clock keeper to buzz the horn to signal referee at the time of the question.
  5. Medals will be given for first, second, and third place finishers within each Championship/Gold bracket.

Tournament Rules

  • This tournament follows OSAA rules with the following exceptions:

    For all ages: 2-20 minute running time halves.

    ·  Clock will stop in the last two minutes if the game is within ten points.

    ·  3 minute half times

    ·  3 time-outs per game. Overtime teams get an additional time out, but time outs do not carry over in overtime. (Both teams get 1 timeout)•Five minute warm-up period between games.

    ·  Personal fouls will be tracked.

    ·  Overtime periods are three minutes long, the final minute will be stop clock.  If after one overtime period, the tie is not broken we will go to a 1-minute format, if still tied after two overtimes it will be sudden death. The first team to score in sudden death is the winner.

    ·  Tie Breaker- Head-to-Head Record, Head-to-Head Points Differential (if applicable), Head-to-Head Point Allowed (if applicable), Total point differential, Total points allowed

    ·  7th and 8th boys use the 29.5 ball everyone else uses the 28.5 ball.

             *Each team is required to bring a game ball to each of their games, officials will decide which ball will be used. 

·  If the lead is greater than 15 you may not full-court press.

·  Unsportsmanlike technical fouls will result in the opposing team: 

           a) Automatically receiving two points and possession of the ball, the player must sit out 2 minutes.

           b) Any team receiving three unsportsmanlike technical fouls will result in a forfeit of that game.

           c) Any coach, player, or fan that receives 2 unsportsmanlike technical fouls in any one game will be removed from that game and they will have to miss the next tournament game.

·  OSAA officials will be provided when available.

Uniform Colors:  Teams listed on left of schedule (or listed on top of bracket) are Visitors and will wear dark.  Teams listed on right of schedule (or listed on bottom of bracket) are Home and will wear light.    

Sisters Shootout Contest
Participate for just $5!

Three Point

*Register for the contests at the concessions booth at Sisters High School.

*Contests begin at 12:00 PM on Saturday at the Annex building. 

Sisters Shootout Basketball Tournament Contest Rules

Where: Sisters Christian Academy Gym

How much: $5 to shoot 

When: Saturday ONLY 1-5 PM

How does it work?

You get 90 seconds, 2 basketballs and 2 rebounders to make as many three point shots as possible.  We'll record the highest in each division and the winner will get a nice prize and bragging rights as "best shooter in sisters" :) 
Each shooter will need to recruit their own rebounders (players, parents, coaches can rebound)

5th-8th Girls and 5th/6th boys shoot with a 28.5 basketball.
7th/8th boys and men shoot with a 29.5 basketball.

5th/6th boys
5th/6th girls
7th/8th boys
7th/8th girls
Open Women (anyone over 8th grade)
Open Men (anyone over 8th grade)

Coaches, parents, and former ballers are encouraged to showcase their talents!